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Frequently Asked Questions

For any additional information email us at [email protected]

What is healthcare-1?

Healthcare-1 (healthcare-1.com) is a unique; subscription based Home Health Service That Will Take Care of Parents/Families of Pakistani Expats Providing At Home and Outpatient Services. We are a team of Trained and Experienced Healthcare Professionals provides a full range of quality-focused, compassion-driven health care services to assist your family members in Pakistan when they need it including healthcare professionals at home, in out-patient clinics, help to recuperate from an illness, injury, chronic pain, pre-and post-surgical procedures. It is our conviction that total quality care will be the guiding principle and cornerstone of our company. We will assign a dedicated Personal Care Manager (CareManagerTM) to take care of all of your health and care needs. We strive to get to know you & your health better and device a personalized care plan. Our healthcare professionals address every day and chronic health needs and collaborate with you to minimize long-term health risks.


Defining and Designing the Concept of Healthcare Management in Pakistan Specially for the Families of Overseas Pakistanis with Exceptional and Trusted Care.


Healthcare-1 is committed to providing highest level of quality healthcare services to you and your loved ones back home that encourages the safe and cost-effective delivery of healthcare maximizing customers trust, autonomy, and coordination of professional healthcare services at your doorstep when you or your loved one needs it

Visits Inclusions

Your visits with our highly trained clinicians assess your general health, discuss your symptoms, and create a personalized health plan designed to identify and treat any potential issues and conditions.

Lab Testing

Testing is convenient and can be done at home or at a local lab. Our in-depth diagnostic panel looks at inflammation, hormones, nutrient status, heart health, and more as needed. Costs apply.

Services Provided

Physician, Nursing and Other Healthcare Services Prescriptions delivered at your doorstep Vaccine tracking to ensure you’re up to date with all routine vaccines Regular health checks Rapid Nurse Visits Quick tests and vaccinations Ongoing support and monitoring Well woman/Well Men visit Personalized, Preventive Healthcare

Healthcare Services in Pakistan

• Arrange appointments • Arrange transport • Arrange hospital admissions • Arrange lab tests • Arrange radiology services • Arrange nursing services • Arrange therapy services • Arrange surgical services • Arrange home care visits • Pharmacy services

Offshore healthcare services in USA

Working alongside top-quality specialists in the USA, we manage all your medical tourism needs. Focusing on the complete, 360-degree level services to our patients, we take care of everything from second opinions to initial appointments, follow-up appointments, procedures, travel planning, boarding, lodging, and transport to get the best medical services and facilities in the world – (find out more with a call button and an email pop-up)

Travelers Services MUSSAFIR

• Mussafir provides Healthcare-1’s exceptional services to travelers to Pakistan. Currently only for Karachi visitors, for up to three weeks cost is for each visitor

Who can get patient information?

Primary subscriber can get a form to get written permission, as needed under the HIPAA Privacy Rule (for US), POA or family decision maker, to receive medical and financial information. To the extent possible, the family member with permission should be the one to talk with all healthcare providers. Try putting together a notebook, on paper or online, that includes all the vital information about medical care, social services, contact numbers, financial issues, and so on. Make copies for other caregivers, and keep it up-to-date.

Membership Levels

Gold: $0/Month Platinum: $300 and includes free initial patient evaluation Travelers - Mussafir: $99/ 3 weeks * Services currently only available for Karachi*

How To Become a Member and Get Started

As Simple as 1-2-3: Register/Log In Select and Sign-Up for a Plan Schedule an Appointment


We do accept online payments through healthcare-1.com via below listed methods:- Credit card / debit card - Visa MasterCard Easy paisa PayPal

Is it possible to make cash payments?

We Do Not Charge Cash Payments: Healthcare-1 DO NOT authorizes anyone, or seek or call upon payments or fee of any services for cash. Payments are ONLY accepted using our website’s payment system.

Refund Policy

Have a question? You can call us during our office timings – 10AM to 3PM US Central Standard Time or you can email us [email protected]